When it comes to technology, cybersecurity is always a priority. No matter the new tech trend there’s always potential for data breaches and cyber threats. Ever since the COVID-19 pandemic hit, technology has become more important than ever. 

Not only are video chat platforms being used much more frequently for work purposes, they’re also used for bonding between family and friends. Whether it’s for personal or professional reasons, these platforms have connected people in the united states and internationally for almost a year now. 

Although these platforms are great, there’s always some kind of malicious software out there ready for a cyber attack. Many times hackers gained unauthorized access to video calls. This kind of thing puts your sensitive information in a vulnerable position. 

Going forward, when considering new tech trends it’s also important to incorporate security solutions. Here are some of the top trends to look out for in 2021.


As you all must know, in-person doctor’s visits have become more difficult. This is why telemedicine is a 2020 trend that’s traveling on into the new year. There are a great number of medical companies now offering telehealth and telemedical services. Some of these companies include TelaDoc Health, Livongo Health, One Medical, and Amwell. 

Just because you don’t have COVID doesn’t mean you should feel guilty getting the care you need. Medicare has even made some policy changes in order to help TeleHealth work more safely and efficiently. 

Some of these changes involve group therapy and prolonged services. This isn’t just becoming a trend, it’s a new way of life and medical care. Don’t be afraid to take advantage. 


COVID has had one of the biggest impacts of the Education industry. With social distancing requirements, having a full classroom of students has become impossible. 

There have been so many adjustments made to make things work. Some students spend half the week at home and half the week at school. Others opt out of  going into school in person at all. 

Either way, remote learning has become a new necessity when it comes to learning. Teachers all over the country have had to learn the ins and outs of teaching through video conferencing in a very short period of time. Although these times are bound to change this is still a trend that’s here to stay. 

Remote Work

Depending on the industry you work in your company may have gone completely remote. There are a ton of essential workers out there but there’s also a huge population of people now working out of home officers. 

In addition to that, more companies plan to continue to function and hire remotely in the new year. Some people struggle with this kind of work but a lot of others are flourishing. They feel it provides them with more personal time because they are free for longer before and after work-time. 

This form of work may not cater to your professional needs but it’s a popular trend that’s sticking around for 2021.

Digitization of the Hospitality Industry

Although some restrictions have been lifted in parts of the U.S the hospitality has become more about data and customer experience throughout COVID. 

Such a huge part of the hospitality industry is human interaction. Businesses are built on client relations. So much has shifted to take-out or even the closing of certain business for a period of time or even for good. Not only does that change the way the business operates but it also changes the way it earns a profit.

Many services that initially involved necessary human conversation can now be done at kiosks. Although this eliminates a positive element of a clients stay at the location, whether it’s a hotel or restaurant, it implements safety. This is what more people are looking for today. 

This is another reason function technology is a top priority. Without kiosks as previously mentioned, working properly, the customer experience is diminished and you have a greater chance of losing clientele.  

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