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OneDrive vs. SharePoint vs. Teams

It is imperative to make the right technical decisions for your business to increase productivity, growth and profitability across the board.  Gone are the days when businesses solely relied on physical hardware to house their data.  With the improvements to ...

Considering the Cloud? Cloud Migration

Considering the cloud? The word cloud is used so often these days, businesses can feel at a loss if they are not utilizing this technology. There are inherent risks and benefits associated with the cloud, but if incorporated properly into your ...

To Cloud or Not to Cloud?

Managing your technology can be extremely overwhelming. Updates, maintenance, and new additions can easily put a strain on any infrastructure.   Many businesses struggle to grow their company because their technology has become something that requires too much attention and is a ...

Cloud 101: What You Need to Know

Everyone is talking about cloud computing these days, and for good reason.  Cloud solutions can provide world-class enterprise technology for businesses without incurring capital expenses.   So what exactly is the cloud?  This is a tricky question in and of ...

Network Design: Single Point of Failure

Normally when a phrase contains the word "Failure" you would try to avoid it at all costs, it simply how we are wired. The same is true when planning your network design and architecture. A common question we all face ...

Myths About Migrating Email to the Cloud

How many business emails do you send per day?  Do you consider that your primary gateway to conducting business in this day and age?  Personal conversations are still important, but email seems to be the ticket in most day-to-day exchanges.  ...

Microsoft Office 365 for Your Business

Microsoft Office 365 turned 5 years old last June! It is important to understand what improvements have been made, over that period of time, to encourage businesses to move from on premise to cloud email.  While Microsoft continues to market ...

Microsoft Office 365 vs. Google Apps

What do a factory, a small retail chain, and a law firm all have in common?  “Not much,” may be the first answer that comes to mind, and you would be right. These three types of businesses all make money in different ...

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