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Password Security: Don’t Let Your Password Haunt You

October is National Cybersecurity Month and password security is a big part of that! Cybersecurity is so important and appropriate to discuss considering how scary it is out there! As we regularly cover, hackers are getting more advanced by the ...

Is Your Password for Sale on the Dark Web?

Here’s a quick password test – what do these seemingly random alphanumerical groupings have in common? 123456 password 123456789 12345678 12345 111111 1234567 sunshine qwerty iloveyou That is a list of the top ten passwords used in 2019. Recognize any ...

The Importance of a Strong Password

With the continued exposure of hacking and security breaches in the news, it seems that nobody is protected from being hacked and that even professional hackers are not immune when it comes to using poor passwords. So what makes a ...

Online Security Threats this Holiday Season

We have become a society of convenience. Gone are the days where you spent weeks crafting a long list of gift ideas and mentally preparing yourself for a full day at the mall. Now you can add items to a ...

Featured Solution: Two-Factor Authentication

Why do you need 2FA - Two Factor Authentication? Global ransomware damage costs exceeded $5 billion in 2017! Over 90% of breaches today involve compromised usernames and passwords. Once an intruder steals login credentials they have the ability to freely ...

Work from the Beach with Secure Access

We are living in an ever-changing world where technology has become a staple in both our personal and professional lives.  This lends itself to convenience and the opportunity to be productive and push tasks forward, outside of the office.  Haven’t we ...

Are Phishing Attacks Angling for You?

Phishing is similar to an online con game where attackers send fraudulent email messages appearing to come from trustworthy sources to gain personal information.  These types of scams vary in their complexity and their attacker’s objectives, with spear phishing and ...

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