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Security and Etiquette Tips for Video Conferencing

Since the beginning of this COVID-19 pandemic it seems like both business and socializing revolves around video conferencing, such as Zoom. Whether you’re having a virtual happy hour or working on a project for your organization, video conferencing has brought ...

Spot a Phishing Attack Before Falling Victim

Many of us find ourselves checking emails 24/7, for work or personal reasons. It is a vehicle to communicate more effectively and reach resolutions more quickly, or so we are conditioned to believe. When was the last time you chose ...

The Importance of a Strong Password

With the continued exposure of hacking and security breaches in the news, it seems that nobody is protected from being hacked and that even professional hackers are not immune when it comes to using poor passwords. So what makes a ...

10 User Tips for Cyber Security Month

About 90% of data breaches are caused by human error. It doesn’t matter how proactive or expensive your security is… if your users aren’t trained properly you could risk losing everything. Cyber Security Awareness Month was created to diminish the ...

How to Create a Secure Work Environment

If you read the daily headlines, you most likely noticed how security has become a popular topic. The news consistently includes the latest scoop about a large hack or security breach. It is estimated that in 2017, the average cost ...

Solution Spotlight: To Click or Not to Click

Phishing attacks are on the rise, and they’re more sophisticated than ever… playing on your emotions, masquerading as an email from grandma, your boss, or even big box retailers like Amazon, eBay, and Target. Did you know that 91% of ...

4 Reasons Businesses are Flocking to MSPs

Whether your business uses a little or a lot of technology, it undoubtedly has to incorporate some sort of technology. Even antique stores in small towns have computers, point of sale systems, and most likely a website to keep their ...

The Emotional Lure of Social Engineering

Social engineering can sound quite alluring to some.  The word “social” tends to have a positive connotation as it relates to our personal and professional lives.  Put the word engineering after it and it might remind you to call some ...

Top 5 Must Haves for Network Security

Network Security can be a daunting topic for many businesses and their IT staff. It can be so daunting that business owners often push it to the side and go on with business as usual, but ignoring network security or ...

Are Phishing Attacks Angling for You?

Phishing is similar to an online con game where attackers send fraudulent email messages appearing to come from trustworthy sources to gain personal information.  These types of scams vary in their complexity and their attacker’s objectives, with spear phishing and ...

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