You might be asking yourself, can I lose data in the cloud? The short answer is yes. Although cloud backup has generally proven to be more reliable than local efforts, any system can fail. Saas applications like Office 365 can house an entire organization’s worth of data.

Data that is constantly moved around and updated. This can lead to an overwriting. An overwriting occurs when a large set of data is imported into the application through a bulk upload.

Another data related risk involves angry ex-employees. Whether maliciously or not, people delete data before leaving an organization. This could potentially be information related to a current project or even financials depending on their position. Additionally, files can be deleted accidentally or because they were thought to be done with due to a specific project ending.

Maybe at some point you would like to get those files back. This is why cloud-to-cloud backups are so beneficial. They allow your data to exist in another location so it’s retrievable in the event of data loss. Additionally, any organization should constantly be on the lookout for malicious activity and phishing attacks. Cloud storage provides data security but hackers spend their lives developing new ways to crack your environment and access your cloud based apps and data. 

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What is Cloud-to-Cloud Backup?

Cloud-to-cloud backup is the practice of copying data stored on one cloud backup service to another cloud. This kind of backup ensures redundancy. Redundancy is when data is stored in multiple separate locations to ensure easy restoration in the event of a disaster.

It makes practical sense to use a low-effort, reliable product for backup and to protect data from failure of that service by adding redundancy at a second location. Some say it makes your data bullet proof.

Additionally, your cloud applications can be the heart of your business operations. By having the right backups and restores in place you’ll never have to worry about business shutting down due to a data breach. Cloud services allow for faster data access and updates as well.

A cloud-to-cloud backup solution through a Managed Service Provider implements an extra layer of security and peace of mind, They’ll protect you from data loss so you can focus on your business.

Why a Cloud to Cloud Backup is the Right Choice

SaaS vendors sometimes charge large fees to restore lost data. This is why so many businesses are turning to MSPs to handle their cloud-to-cloud backups. With an MSP you completely avoid the anxiety that goes along with SaaS vendor fees. You'll have a hands-on team that knows your business. Along with that an MSP will be more committed to restoring your data as quickly as possible. This is because they operate as an extension of your business.

With a Managed Service Provider (MSP) you pay one flat monthly fee. You don't have to worry about handling a data breach issue or preparing yourself to deal with SaaS charges related to a restore. An MSP has your. best interests in mind. They'll make sure you only have the amount of storage space necessary. In this situation, you won’t be paying for anything you don’t need. Although, you’ll always have enough room for your cloud data and cloud apps. No matter how much you scale and grow.

Not only is the cloud affordable and scalable it’s reliable when it comes to backups and data protection. If data created in SaaS applications, such as Microsoft Office 365, is lost or deleted due to human error, the company is held responsible. Depending on your industry this could be a liability. There are compliance regulations that need to be met and if they aren’t you’ll have to pay a hefty fine.

An MSP knows your business and knows your requirements. They will make sure you have the correct backups in place so your compliance needs are met at all times. Contact The TNS Group today to learn more about the best plans to ensure your data is safe. Click here to visit our website or call 203-316-0112 or 212-967-5757

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