Security Awareness Training
Educate your employees on social engineering schemes
Security Awareness Training
Educate your employees on social engineering schemes

Social Engineering is the art of manipulating others to release confidential information, with phishing schemes being the leading form.  It is an email that appears to come from a business or someone that you know but, in reality, it is malicious by design and seeks to obtain sensitive information (bank account numbers, passwords, financial information, etc.). These attacks are becoming more prevalent in the workplace with spear phishing and whaling attacks being the more refined forms of phishing. 

Establish a Baseline

Phish test your employees to understand what they are clicking on. This will establish a baseline and provide you with a percentage of users that are falling for phishing schemes.

Educate your Employees

Your employees will have access to wide-range of security awareness training content. If an employee falls for the phishing attempt, train them again. It is much safer to have them fall for the test than the real thing.

Let’s Phish

Your employees will receive a range of emails that can be broad in nature, such as an offer for free food if you click on a link or more targeted with emails impersonating your boss or a C-level person in your company. Over time, the emails will continue to become more difficult in nature as these schemes are constantly evolving.

Who's Clicking on What?

As each phishing scheme is launched, you will have access to a portal to see who is clicking on what and provide the appropriate training tools for users. This will further their knowledge of phishing schemes and what to look for so they can break their pattern.

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Security Awareness Training Benefits:

  • Real-time Threat Detection, Analysis, and Incident Response
  • Automatic Blocking of File Types to Protect Against Malware
  • Access to a Cloud Database of Malware and Exploits, that is never more than 5 minutes old
  • Automated, Audit-Ready Compliance Reports
  • Automated monitoring of network to identify and deny malicious attacks
  • Access to a Team of Security Specialists 24 x 7