Endpoint Security
protect and prevent complex cyberattacks
Endpoint Security
protect and prevent complex cyberattacks

Cyberattacks are often crimes of opportunity and most organizations leave the door wide open by not also protecting their endpoints. Endpoint security refers to protecting your business network when accessed remotely by employee devices. Whether you implement a layered approach to endpoint security or incorporate a fully managed solution, our endpoint and security services team delivers a managed, automated and fully customized offering to protect and/or prevent complex cyber-attacks.

The combination of Multi- Factor Authentication (MFA), Single Sign-On (SSO), Mobile Device Management (MDM), Encryption Management and Endpoint Protection (EPP) serves multiple purposes by providing access control, authentication and device compliance.

Single Sign-On (SSO)

SSO simplifies users’ lives by allowing them to log in just once to access all of their cloud-based work applications. Without SSO, accessing these applications can become a time-consuming process with employees having to log into each application separately to do their job. This will lead to an increase in employee frustrations and a decrease in productivity. The use of one password across all of your applications alleviates manual-logins and forgotten passwords. In addition, our team of security specialists will have an overview of who accessed certain applications and when that access occurred.

Multi-Factor Authentication

MFA provides an extra layer of protection by requiring two methods to verify your identity. These factors include something that you know (username and password) plus something you have (smartphone to approve authentication requests). Our comprehensive security solution confirms the identity of users before accessing the network, monitors the health of devices, and isolates devices with risky applications or outdated firmware. Our security team effectively implements and manages MFA in many areas including SSL VPN logins, Citrix, Office 365, Web-Based Applications, and Windows desktops. In addition, we manage and develop granular policies that are tailored specifically to your business and security needs.

Mobile Device Management

MDM provides secure remote access to corporate applications and data from mobile workspaces, including mobile devices, laptops and PCs. With an MDM solution in place, our team can work collaboratively with you to manage secure policies such as encryption, passcodes, data loss prevention, application access, remote lock and wipe and patch management to keep data protected across all devices. In combination, our team will support your efforts in implementing a BYOD and MDM policy and best practices.

Encryption Management

Encryption Management provides data protection through file and folder encryption as well as hardware. It locks down your hard drive making the data accessible only to you and those you authorize. Policy-driven removable media encryption protects USB flash drives and other removable storage against any potential threats. This solution not only safeguards sensitive data but ensures that you achieve and maintain compliance. In addition, our team provides email encryption to reduce data loss prevention by focusing on your greatest risk for loss – email.

Endpoint Protection (EPP)

Malicious attacks and schemes, such as phishing and spoofing, cannot be prevented through anti-virus solutions alone. To ensure that your company has visibility into your network and maintains control, our EPP provides real-time monitoring of vulnerabilities and attacks so we can stop them before an attack can hit. Our centrally managed security solution protects all endpoints such as servers, workstations, and mobile devices that are connected to your network, against zero-day exploits, cyber-attacks, and "everyday disasters" that result in lost data due to human error. Cyber-attacks are becoming more and more sophisticated and incorporating managed security should be priority. Whether you take a layered approach to endpoint protection or incorporate a fully managed EPP, our endpoint and security services deliver a managed, automated and fully customized offering to protect and/or prevent complex cyber-attacks.

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Endpoint Security Benefits:

  • Effective management of endpoint technologies
  • Layered approach to incorporating cost-effective security measures
  • Protection against file-based malware attacks and detect malicious activity
  • Guard against vulnerabilities where a patch has not been released or deployed
  • Strengthen your defense against unknown attacks in the marketplace (zero day attacks)
  • Supports BYOD which leads to cost savings and an increase in productivity