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Private vs. Public Clouds

What is the Cloud? The cloud is any application, software, storage or hosted email that lives outside of your organization. It tends to be a…

Most Common Threats of Public Wi-Fi

We are all on the go, and increasingly mobile, which means that in a lot of circumstances, we are spending more time connecting to public…

If I’m Going to Get Hacked Anyway, Why Bother Spending Money on Cyber Security?

  In his book The Road Less Stupid, Keith Cunningham makes this correct observation about succeeding in business: “I don’t need to do more smart…

Are Your Smart Devices (Siri, Alexa, Google) Eavesdropping on You?

Have you ever had a conversation about a topic, and then later that day, you started seeing the news, ads, or updates about that subject…

Cloud Security

Moving to the cloud is not an all-or-nothing process. Many businesses are testing the waters by migrating to Office 365 or G Suite or incorporating…

Managed IT Services

When deployed by the right provider, managed IT services can act as a single point of contact for lowering your costs and increasing your productivity.…

The Importance of Next-Generation Firewalls (NGFW) for SMBs

Gone are the days when cyberattacks primarily targeted enterprises. These days, hackers will target any business they deem vulnerable; they are not limited to the…

4 Low-Cost, High-Impact Tech Initiatives for SMBs This Summer

  Do you want to reduce bottlenecks and operating costs, boost team engagement and customer satisfaction, and improve your overall cybersecurity posture? Well, summer is…

You, Hackers, the Pandemic, and the Holiday Season 

The season of celebrating and giving is upon us once again! Although this year’s holiday shopping season is sure to be more vibrant than 2020, the arrival of the new…

Security Is Everyone’s Job! Are You Taking Advantage of MFA to Protect Your Business?

Consider this: One of your employees, let’s call him James, is attending a conference in Philadelphia. While waiting for the next speaker, James decided to…

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